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dry cleaning   

   Allen Cleaners provides personal attention to each garment they receive. Most all garments can be dry cleaned, but the accessories added to garments can alter the way they are cleaned. Most garments that are cotton, polyester, silk and rayon can be dry cleaned if they do not contain any sequins / beads or silk screened images.

    Dry cleaning is a service which revitalizes the garments feel by using chemicals and soaps which provide a degreasing agent to remove oil and other contaminants left on the garment after they are worn. Dry cleaning does not fade or discolor garments. We give pride in giving our customers sanitized cleaning solvents in each dry cleaning load.


our dry cleaning process

    We use a process known as Dry Cleaning to clean our customers garments. We use a three ton machine that uses a similar process of a household washer and dryer conveniently packaged in one machine using chemicals. The process is not dry the whole time. Garments get cleaned by a chemical called perchloroethylene. The term dry cleaning may be miss leading but it is not a completely dry process at all.
    The term dry means that when we handle the garments they are always dry to the touch. Cleaning is referred to the garments being cleaned in the machine with chemicals, but we are never exposed to the cleaning agents once they are in the machine. This process is best represented by this saying,"Going in dry and dirty and coming out clean and dry".

    The chemical perchloroethylene is a flammable fluid (at high flash points) which is used to clean almost any type of garment. Before any garments are cleaned, the garments are sorted by fabric type, color and degree of soilage. Once sorted they are cued for cleaning according to dates they are promised to be ready.