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   Laundering is our second most popular service. Laundry service incorporates water in to the cleaning cycle. We use large washer machines, much larger than residential units, to clean garments. Our units are front load units which have a cleaning capacity either double or triple most in home units.

   Although the Laundry process is different than dry cleaning, we provide our 3 point quality assurance inspection to our laundry serviced shirts. Rest assured, we will attempt to make those stubborn stains disappear. Once garments have been placed in the washer, a highly calculated form of cleaning begins. We start by providing soft filtered water followed by a concentrated measurement of soap to provide a balanced pH level and cleaning agents to remove the stains that are on garments.

   Once the machine has taken your garments through its stringent  cleaning process, it is then placed in a dryer which automatically calibrate the time  and heat needed for the garments to dry efficiently and effectively. The next process is, pressing which is either done with highly sophisticated automated pressing unit or by hand. This is determined by the garment it self. Most mens regular dress shirts are pressed by automated machines. Womans blouses are pressed by hand due to the added sequence or designs most womens blouses contain.


fact: womans blouses buttons are placed on the opposite side of mens, which causes the automated machines to not be able to press the blouse the same way mens shirts get pressed.